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About us

We have now been in business for manufacturing and trading  of model aircrafts for 15 years. As already done in the past we are offering a great number  of  high quality bargain kits produced by us or other selected scale model manufactures. All of us are active scale model pilots and –builders. Some of them have been placed at several World – and European  Scale Championships. We all know very well what it is like to build and fly a scale model. 

Our variety of models has been divided into four chapters:

- Museums Scale Models

- Scale Models

Museums Scale Models are perfect replicas of the full scale aircraft. Nothing more detailed and accurate will be available. Many models built from these kits reach first places in several competitions all over the world. These models are not only external an exact replica but also the internal structure is equivalent to the original. Bulkheads, steering cables with guiding pulleys, rigging wire and attachments are in their structure identical to the original but only reduced by the relevant scale factor. To some of these kits we are able to provide a set of photographs from still existent originals or  full scale replicas. The photo sets will give useful support and hints to add the final details to your scale project. Especially the WWI beauties had a very individual finish. No one looked like the other.

Scale kits will lead  to models which are absolutely identical  to the museums scale kits as far as the outer appearance is concerned. They provide the same details and accessories as  museums kits would do. The only difference to the previously described museums kits is the internal model structure which is that of a model aircraft. These internal  not to be noticed from outside alterations to the full scale will ease / accelerate building and rigging up of the model on  the airfield . Sale appearance and scoring during a competition does not suffer at all by these easements.

Proof is given by by Mick and Jim Reeves which had been very successful with some of above described scale models (Pup, 1 ½ Strutter and Camel) during national and international scale competitions.  Also our Large Scale Waco just to name a few was placed first at Florida Top Gun as “Best Civilian Aircraft” or “Best of Golden Age”. At the US Nats. the Waco scored third in the final and was placed first at the Swedish Scale event, etc. (see Waco page for more). Also our developments to follow will cope with the expectations to offer scale model kits which will be able to score high at scale events.  

Semi scale kits will lead to a model which looks like the original. Compared to the scale versions detailing at this category of models is also reduced on the outer surface to speed up assembly and rigging. But also with these kits you will be able if you wish to create a scale model by some minor additional effort and detailing. Building these models “just” out of the kit you finally will own an aircraft which once air borne will not differ in its shape from above scale models.

Last but not least there is a category for ships which are not related to any  original. or just give you an idea of the original. This category is called in England Sports Scale. The Antic herein is a curios exception. A modeller was so much in favour at the already existing Antic Biplane that he decided to build an Antic he would be able to sit in and fly with. This led to the fact that there is now a full scale Antic existing which was built according to a model design.