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General Terms and Conditions 

We do not accept any liability or requirements following on damages which may occur by operating our products or products out of our delivery program because we are not able to supervise the correct handling of these products. Specially built models –ready to cover or ready to fly- have to be checked by the customer for flight safety ( all joints glued or screwed at Servos, engines, wings and / or  tail unit).

For starting / running a propeller the relevant safety distance has to be kept clear. No additional personal is allowed within the propeller disc area except the person who is starting the engine. After the engine is running all personal has to clear immediately the safety hazardous area. Strength of the prop has to be checked carefully every time before starting the engine. If any damage is visible the prop has to be considered scrap.

Our model aircrafts may only be operated at certified airfields. Relevant rules of  these airfields have to be obeyed, too.

We will withhold alterations of products shown in our catalogue. We will not accept any liability for printing errors. Reproduction of text, pictures, photographs and / or drawings need our formal written and signed acceptance.

Because some of our products are imported from abroad their prices are subject to the relevant exchange rates. We try to keep prices constant but in case of higher exchange rate discrepancies we have to adjust our prices as well. Please be aware of that fact and ask for current prices before you place an order.

Our transactions will always follow our current valid selling and delivery regulations.